Our Customers

Our projects and programmes are as varied as the customer base, with resilience, advanced leadership, C-Suite team development, culture change, and creating high performing teams being just a few of the development areas covered.

Below are just a few examples of work we have done with some recent clients, either directly in an associate capacity.

Highways England

Highways England

We have been engaged with Highways England in a number of capacities since 2016.  Most notable has been the design and delivery of the ongoing culture transformation programme, focusing on different aspects of performance, including leadership mindset, purpose, engagement, ownership, and performance conversations across all 5,500 employees.

Aligned to this agenda have been specific interventions, working with executive and senior directors and their teams to enhance leadership capability and devolve power and decision making deeper into the organisation.



The incredible success story of Bauder in the UK has seen exponential growth in year on year sales, £6m to over £60m in less than a decade. As a strong values-led company, investment in people has underpinned their success story and led to our involvement in supporting their continued ambition by developing resilient leaders – people not only resilient in themselves but able to lead their people in more resilient and sustainable performance.



Geographical challenges meant that all development work with Kimberly Clark has been run online since 2018 through a series of short (2.5 hr) ‘Discovery Sessions’ where a single theme is explored and applied to the individual’s circumstances.  Online collaborative tools and video conferencing have been used to great effect, leading to repeat engagements on increasingly complex topics.



After an initial organisation analysis phase, we were invited to design and deliver the advanced management programme for this client, developing the leadership capability of an extremely intelligent and technically focused set of senior leaders in the organisation.

Through a seven-day, programme, spread over three modules leaders have developed both mindset and practical skills to ensure they are well placed to respond and lead in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world in which we all work.  With the onset of COVID-19, the programme migrated from a face-to-face set of workshops to a series of online and blended activities.



GSK’s drive to deliver products to help people do more, feel better and live longer has created a focused and hungry environment where teams are continually seeking out new ways to achieve their vision.

Over the years, Latent Capability has been involved in the design and delivery of a number of workshops in various parts of the business, in the UK, Europe and the US.  Topics range from strategic deep dives with the Coaching Centre of Excellence, R&D team reviews and focus sessions, through to establising new senior IT leadership teams at the start of their new journey together.

Henry Boot

Henry Boot

Henry Boot invited us to design a series of short workshops designed to give bite-sized learning opportunities to staff from all parts of the business. Programme design was accompanied with a detailed learning handbook for participants to cement learning and provide a future reference resource.  As complete ‘stand alone’ packages, these workshops were then available for internal or external facilitators to pick up and deliver.

 Other Clients Include:

 A selection of Client Quotes

“Very passionate, engaging and knowledgeable – Able to sight real experiences as well as the theoretical side. Her was really open and knowledgeable, consciously drawing in the whole group and setting a fantastic environment for safe learning and practice. He brought the theory to life with good examples and questions to make me analyse and evaluate myself.”

“Thanks for an engaging and successful virtual away day! My reflection only this morning with my team was that although we have never been further apart, we have never worked so closely. This shone through in today’s sessions. Massive thanks for your efforts.”

“I regret other surveys where I gave people a “5”. I wish this one had a “6”.

“Roger’s leadership, persistence and energy place PCS solidly on the path to building the organisation that can deliver our vision. Every PCS LT member commented that our organisation has changed in the last 12 months.  The breakthrough was our August face to face meeting where Roger led us in taking the time to get to know one another as individuals and improving our effectiveness as a team.  The key to this success was deciding what we owned as a team.  That decision led to work to define improvements required for us to be successful…”

“Roger’s tireless efforts to hold each member of the team accountable to their commitments meant for the first time, the work carried on at a face to face meeting carried over into our daily work.  Team members tracked and completed the actions agreed at the f2f – another first.  All of the credit goes to Roger’s tireless efforts.”

 “Why do I trust him… I trust him to deliver, I trust We’ll always be surprised with the quality and ingenuity of his work, I trust he will insist on quality and ingenuity from me, I trust he will make me and the team better.”

“Roger’s enthusiasm is contagious.   Roger will do whatever it takes to help those around him achieve the goals of the group.” 

“Tremendous! I really enjoyed it.  Some consultants are really worth their money.”

“My learnings from working with Roger are the power of telling someone they had my permission to challenge me and the Leadership Team.  I thought staff would know they could do so.  Roger showed me how the results can increase significantly by stating the permission.”

“Roger inspires me to be a better leader.  My team is now a leadership team thanks to Roger’s work.”

“Best course ever!”

“Building trust was a breakthrough to me and it enabled me to make the most of the workshop”

“Thank you! It was an amazing experience that I believe will have a strong influence on my future career.”

“The facilitator was exceptional and kept us motivated throughout the workshop. I definitely recommend his services to any organisation that is trying to build a team and/or needs help gaining agreement on ways of working to achieve goals.”

“Through my career Roger has been my closest adviser and had the biggest impact on my development”

“Thank you Roger.  Thank you for all you’ve done to make us great (and to know what we need to do to be even greater).”

“One of the traits of good followers is that they make up for the gaps and weaknesses of their leaders. Roger has a way of doing that both tactically and strategically with our leaders… Anticipating and closing gaps, but also challenging them to be better”

“The sessions have been focused and tailored to really dig deep into my inner self and challenge my understanding and thinking. Roger has enabled me to take ownership of my development, enabling me to open my mind exploring mind-sets and capabilities to equip me to be more effective. ..I would highly recommend Roger to anyone that is looking to bring about positive life changes and unlock their hidden potential. The skills and knowledge that Roger has empowered me with are adaptable making them applicable to work and home situations.”