Our Approach

At Latent Capability we are purpose-driven in everything we do.  Nothing makes it into the final cut of a development programme unless it fulfils a specific purpose, ensuring development experiences are focused and flow along pre-agreed objective lines.

We work at the Mindset and Beliefs level of learning and development, helping people understand underlying and often hidden motivations for action and performance.

We strive hard to create strong relationships and mutual support networks because we believe that ultimately, everything gets done through the relationships we have with each other.  We believe this is the difference between transactional work and transformational achievement.

We believe in going beyond competency (knowledge) to develop a working capability (practice), so theoretical models and principles are carefully selected to aid participants in their real-world challenges and issues.  By encouraging them to immediately apply content and learning to their situations, often in the middle of a programme, participants gain confidence in application and are supported as they learn from their experience and hone their practice.

Where useful, we offer a wide range of validated psychometric and profiling tools that allow you to better understand yourself, your teams and how you interact, and provide strategies for improving your reach and effectiveness.